Five Things You Need To Know Before Becoming a Teacher

Teaching is a noble career, but it can be demanding at times. If you are considering joining Ontario teacher training, you are on the right track. However, before you send your application to a teachers college of choice, consider reading this guide.

1. Teaching requires passion

Some people are of the idea that teaching is the easiest job because you have summer holidays and free weekends. Such ideas lead people into joining the career before evaluating their expectations well. Teaching is not “just a job,” one should have the calling and the passion for education. As a teacher, you handle various children from different backgrounds. Every student wants to achieve a particular goal later in life. The teacher ought to guide the students towards the achievement of their goals. When you are passionate about your job, you will have an easier time helping children.

2. Integrate career with technology

Technology is advancing every other day, and it is here to stay. If you are at par with the latest technology, then you will enjoy your work. If you are not yet updated with the latest technology trends, take time to learn. Technology will make your teaching experience much easier. SMART boards, computers, tablets, and iPads are being utilized in classrooms. Understanding how these devices are used is a good thing as it will be easy for you to keep students engaged.

3. You need to be always prepared

There is a common phrase that goes, “expect the unexpected.” As a teacher, you will face new situations now and then. Therefore, you ought to be ready for the unexpected events so that you can handle them well. One day a student will bring you a gift, another day you may encounter a power outage while teaching. You never know what might happen the next minute. The best thing, therefore, is to take some time to react to situations when they happen.

4. Take advantage of the internet

The internet can be an essential aid to your teaching career. Besides researching on teaching strategies, lesson plans, and teacher additional qualifcations, you may find online forums where you will gain insight from fellow teachers. Take advantage of your office Wi-Fi to find out how you can offer the best to your students.

5. Time management is a crucial quality

To have a stress-free career, one should learn proper time management skills. Besides your classroom time, you need to make time for writing lesson plans. Therefore, if you are not a good time manager, you might be forced to work late hours, which means you have less time for family and extra-curricular activities. Flexibility is also important in the teaching career. At times you may have to reteach a skill or modify a lesson. Having a plan, being flexible and staying organized will help you survive these circumstances. Check out Western University Faculty of Education if you would like to learn more information.

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